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All talks are held on Wednesdays in the STScI John N. Bahcall Auditorium at 3:30pm preceded by light refreshments at 3:15pm.

HotSci talks: Current Year, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

Date Speaker Title
June 20 Elena Sabbi
"Turbulent Star Formation in the Tarantula Nebula"
David Neufeld
"Early Science Results from SOFIA: Discovery of the SH Radical and its Astrochemical Implications"
June 27 Guilin Liu
"Observations of Feedback from Radio-Quiet Quasars"
Andrew Fox
"Gas Inflow onto the Milky Way: Insights from High-Velocity Clouds"
July 11 Roeland van der Marel
"Local Group Dynamics from HST Proper Motions: The Impending Andromeda - Milky Way Collision"
Russel Ryan
"The Evolution of Passively Evolving Galaxies in CANDELS and the ERS"
July 18 Aida Wofford
"The Lyman-Alpha Lines from Star-Forming Galaxies at z ~ 0"
Wei Zheng
"Insights into the Early Universe (z~9-10) through Cosmic Lensing from CLASH"
July 25 Jason Tumlinson
"What is the Circumgalactic Medium?"
Preethi Nair
"The Role of Close Pair Interactions in Triggering Bars and AGN"
Aug 1 Adam Reiss
"Parallel Astrometric Spatial Scanning (PASS), A New Technique for Parallax, HO, and Dark Energy (Part I)"
Stefano Casertano
"Parallel Astrometric Spatial Scanning (PASS), A New Technique for Parallax, HO, and Dark Energy (Part II)"
Aug 8 Margaret Meixner
"The Lifecycle of Dust in the Magellanic Clouds"
Bret Lehmer
"The Formation and Evolution of Accreting Binaries: Insight from Multwavelength Observations of Galaxies Both Near and Far"
Aug 15 Luciana Bianchi
"Hot Stars and Dust in Local Group Galaxies"
Laurent Pueyo
"Direct Imaging of Exo-Earths with On-axis Segmented Apertures: Myth or Reality?"
Aug 22 David Golimowski
"Planets Sculpting the Debris Disk around HD92945"
Sanch Borthakur
"Hot Gas in the Halos / Circumgalactic medium of Starburst Galaxies as Compared to Normal Galaxies"
Aug 29 Bethan James
"The Difference between Neutral- and Ionized-Gas Metal Abundances in Local Star-froming galaxies with COS"
Guangtun Zhu
"Probing the Inter-Galactic Medium and Circum-Galactic Medium with Metal Absorption Lines"