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All talks are held on Wednesdays in the STScI John N. Bahcall Auditorium at 3:30pm preceded by light refreshments at 3:15pm.

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Date Speaker Title
June 10 Dick Henry
"Formal Black Hole Features"
Joel Green
"Stirring Turbulence in the ISM"
June 17 Catarina Alves de Oliveira
"Star Formation in Nearby Young Clusters"
Gabe Brammer
"Spectroscopic Constraints on Galaxies at z>8 with WFC3/IR"
June 24 Sjoert van Velzen
"Stellar Tidal Disruption Flares as New Probes of Black Hole Astrophysics"
Peter Behroozi
"On The History and Future of Cosmic Planet Formation"
July 08 Dominika Wylezalek
"Hosting Quasar Winds"
Matteo Correnti
"Extended Main Sequence TurnOffs in Intermediate-Age Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds"
July 15 Elodie Choquet
"Re-visiting the NICMOS Coronagraphic Archive"
Armin Rest
"Constraining Supernova Physics with High-Cadence Light Curves from the Kepler Telescope"
July 22 Mario Gennaro
"The Star Formation History and IMF of the Galactic Bulge"
Richard I. Anderson
"Revealing Delta Cephei's Secret Companion and Intriguing Past"
August 12 Nikole Lewis
"3D Mapping of Exoplanet Atmospheres"
Ting-Wen Lan
"Exploring the Diffuse Interstellar Bands with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey"
August 19 K. D. Kuntz
"The Solar Wind Charge Exchange Production Factor for Hydrogen"
Alexander Mendez
"Clustering Redshifts of WISE Extragalactic Sources"
August 26 Eileen Meyer
"Multi-wavelength Observations of kpc-scale AGN Jets"
Gail Zasowski
"Galactic Archeology and the Milky Way"