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Davidsen Fellowship

Picture of Arthur Davidsen
Prof. Arthur F. Davidsen, 1944-2001

Since 2009 the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Physics/Astronomy Department jointly sponsor the "Arthur Davidsen Graduate Student Research Fellowship" in honor of former JHU faculty member, UV Astronomer, and STScI mentor Arthur F. Davidsen. The award is funded by STScI and offered through JHU to an incoming astronomy/astrophysics graduate student of exceptional promise as determined by the JHU P&A Graduate Recruiting Committee. Davidsen Fellows work as Research Assistants on current research topics with a supervisor chosen from the STScI research staff. For students in good academic standing the Fellowship can be renewed twice for a total of three years of support from STScI, although most fellows will transition to STScI staff research grant support after their first year. In addition to the normal Research Assistant stipend (including health insurance) and tuition costs, the award provides for an allocation of up to $5000 during the first year to cover costs directly associated with research, including travel and supplies. If at some point the student requests an early termination of the Davidsen Fellowship in order to work with a supervisor who is not a member of the STScI research staff, the student will be eligible for the usual TA support provided by the Department to all graduate students in good standing.

Recent Davidsen Fellows include Catherine Caviglia (2009), Zachary Dugan (2010), and Kevin Fogarty (2012).

Kevin Fogarty (2012)

Kevin Fogarty

"I am interested in the physics of galaxy clusters and cluster galaxies. I am currently working with StScI scientist Dr. Marc Postman examining the features of BCGs in the CLASH sample of galaxy clusters."

Zachary Dugan (2010)

Zachary Dugan (2010)

Zack chose to work with our Theory Group at STScI. He is working with staff astronomer Dr. Mike Fall linking hydrodynamic and semi-analytic models of galaxy formation.

Cathy Caviglia (2009)

Cathy Caviglia (2009)

"I've been working with Rachel Somerville's semi-analytic model of galaxy formation, trying to match the properties of low mass galaxies generated by the model to observations."