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Announcement Of Opportunity
For The Year 2017 Program

Application Deadline: Thursday, November 10, 2016
Reference Letter Deadline: Thursday, November 17, 2016

Application Procedure

  1. General Information

    Awards are made on the basis of a review of the applicant's research proposal as well as the curriculum vitae, list of publications, summary of previous and current research, and three letters of reference. The details of the application are described fully below.

  2. Application

    The deadline for application is THURSDAY, November 10, 2016. Application materials received by this date will receive full consideration. All application materials must be submitted via the Giacconi Fellowship Application form to STScI. Incomplete applications and/or applications received after November 10, 2016, will not be considered.

  3. Materials To Be Uploaded by the Applicant

    The following materials are required:

    • A curriculum vitae;
    • A list of publications;
    • A summary of previous and current research (limited to three pages total, including references);
    • A copy of the research proposal, described below (limited to 3 pages text plus 2 pages references/figures).

    Please produce these documents as PDF files with (at least) 11-point fonts, single spaced, and number all pages. Also, please ensure that your materials will print successfully onto 8.5x11 inch (21.6x28 cm) paper without loss (i.e., with 1-inch margins on all sides).

  4. Research Proposal

    Each applicant must formulate a specific research program that is related to or motivated by current problems in astronomy and astrophysics.

    The research proposal should be no more than five pages long, including text, figures, and references. Proposal reviewers may ignore any pages in excess of the stated limits.

  5. Letters of Reference

    Applicants must arrange for letters of reference to be submitted by the three individuals familiar with their scientific abilities and who are listed on the fellowship application form. Instructions will be sent to these individuals using the e-mail addresses supplied by each applicant. There is no assurance that letters received after Thursday, November 17, 2016, will be made available to the review panel.

  6. For Further Information

    Requests for additional information on application procedures and supporting documents may be e-mailed to gfinquiry.

Application Checklist

2015 Giacconi Fellowship Application Form

Giacconi Fellowship Program Contacts gfinquiry for all questions.