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Library staff email :

The Library is available 24/7 to STScI staff.

Library staff are available M-F 8:30-4:30.

Muller Building
Fourth Floor
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore MD 21218

Staff offices : 411B and 424C

The STScI Library supports the institute through numerous services offered to the research and support staff communities.

Core STScI Library Services include:

- Maintenance of the Telescope Publications database

- Journal and book acquisitions

- Targeted classes on a variety of topics in information services and scholarly publishing such as ADS Beta, ORCID integration, and models in open access publishing

- Interlibrary loan and document delivery services

- Assistance with citation formatting

- Literature searches (ADS Beta and commercial resources)

- Bibliography tracking for staff professional development and ORCID integration

- Institutional (non-data) archiving

- Support and communications with ADS staff

- 24/7 online access and print checkout