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Borrowing FAQ

Do I need a Library account to use the STScI Library?
It is not necessary to have a Library account to use online materials within the STScI domain or use print materials within the Library. If you need to borrow books, you need a Library account.
Who may borrow from the Library?
You may borrow from the Library if you are an STScI employee of AURA, ESA, CSC, a long-term visitor with an STScI ID card, or with permission of the librarian
How do I register to borrow from the Library?
Register to borrow by completing the registration form (obtainable from a Library staff member) or available near the Self-Checkout in the Library).
What can be checked out?
Books (a.k.a. "monographs") may be checked out by registered users. Periodicals, observatory publications, and reference materials do not circulate except by special permission.
How do I check out a book?
Use the Self-Checkout computer, located in the Library. If that doesn't work, we have provided you with the means to leave a note for the Library staff.
How do I find out what I have checked out?
Log in to your Library account here. Or, from within the online catalog: click on "My Account" and log in with your username and PIN (which is the same as your username).
If a book is checked out that I want then what do I do?
Our Online Catalog records list the person who has checked out a particular item. If you need it, get in touch with that person about using it (let us know if you'd like to transfer "borrowship".) If you feel that the Library needs an additional copy, contact the Library staff.
For how long may I borrow something?
For permanent staff, for most materials, there is a nominal due date of one year, but as long as items are kept in your office, they may be renewed indefinitely. Because books have such long loan periods, it is preferred that they stay on the premises, available to other staff if they have need. Short-term visitors and registered non-staff may borrow on a short-term basis.
How can I renew something?
Renew materials yourself from within the Online Catalog by clicking on "My Account" and logging in (username and PIN are the same). Or, get in touch with a staff member and we'll do it for you.
How do I return books?
Return books by placing them on the Return Cart in the Library.
How can I get an Affilliates Library card for the JHU Library (MSEL);
  May I visit the JHU Library?
Contact STScI Human Resources. There is a form to be filled out that HR then sends to the Eisenhower Library. To simply visit the Eisenhower Library, you do not need a Hopkins borrowing card -- simply present a photo ID upon entering. If you would like to use JHU's electronic resources, present your JHU borrower's card to the circulation desk in the Eisenhower Library. Staff there will give you a temporary login that you may use at terminals within Eisenhower.
What if the Library doesn't have the materials I need?
Tell the Library staff. They will get it for you.