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Using the STScI Library

Off-site Access To eBooks, Online Journals, etc.

If your computer is not within the STScI domain (i.e. if you are on travel or teleworking from home) you may use the proxy server or VPN to authenticate yourself to use online resources.


The closest photocopier (which also functions as a scanner) is in 401C (near the Spitzer Boardroom) on the fourth floor.

If you need color copies/scans or assistance with the photocopiers, contact the Copy Center.


Please note that Library materials (including electronic materials) must be used in accordance with copyright law in general and the terms and conditions of an individual journal's License Agreement in particular. Full access to licensed versions of electronic books and journals is only available from within the STScI domain. Systematic downloading of articles or redistribution to non-subscribers is prohibited by licensing agreements.

Access to Library resources is governed by license agreements which restrict use to the STScI community and to individuals who use the Institute's Library facilities. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that he or she uses these products only for individual, noncommercial use without systematically downloading, distributing, or retaining substantial portions of information. Acceptable use forbids downloading contents of entire issues of a given journal title. The use of software such as scripts, agents, or robots, is generally prohibited and may result in loss of access to these resources for the entire STScI.

Public Terminals

The Library has an iPad available to access the online catalog on site and two monitors/workstations available where you can hook into your work laptop.


Registered users may borrow materials using the Self-Checkout terminal in the Library. Instructions are provided near the Self-Checkout terminal.

New Books, Magazines, Journals

The Library displays the most recent print issues of journals, magazines and observatory publications as well as the latest new books.

Hanging Out

The Library is a great place to escape your office, hold an impromptu meeting, or give your visitor a place to work. Our light agile furniture is mobile so that you can create your own workspace. Outlets for laptops may be found in the floor or are built into the desks. We have a plasma screen with ViewSpace which also may be used for meetings. For assistance using the ViewSpace set up, please contact the STScI Multimedia Engineer.

Hang out at the Library