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Living in Baltimore

Space Astronomy Summer Program

How can I Find Housing for the Summer?

SASP Coordinated Housing for Summer Students:

STScI will secure rooms at a local apartment complex close to the Institute as one housing option. The units are typically one bedroom units set up with two twin beds and a kitchen facility. This option would require double occupancy. The Institute can help coordinate room assignments once we know which applicants are interested. If you choose this housing option, STScI will subsidize roughly 1/3 of the housing cost, which makes it economically reasonable.

Finding your Own Housing:

There are many off-campus apartments near JHU that are available for summer sublets at reasonable prices. There is no additional housing stipend with this housing option.

  1. JHU has an Offsite Housing Office with on-line listings and the Gazette newspaper with on-line classifieds.
  2. 'Craig's List' is an excellent source of advertisements for rentals.
  3. New students will be added to an e-mail distribution list that puts them in touch with students from recent years so that experiences may be shared.

The Baltimore Area

What are the good neighborhoods? Safety.

Baltimore, like other major U.S. cities, has crime. The immediate area around the JHU Homewood Campus is regarded as one of the safer neighborhoods of Baltimore, but it is not crime-free. New arrivals will be given information on personal safety.

Local and regional transportation

You do not need a car while staying in Baltimore because ample housing is available within walking distance. Also within walking distance are restaurants, shops, stores, banks, and entertainment in Charles Village and at the Rotunda. The Johns Hopkins Shuttle (Blue Jay Shuttle) is available for intern use.

To get beyond the immediate campus area there is public transportation. There are no subway or streetcar lines serving our area of Baltimore, only buses. However, there is good train service to nearby cities such as Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City. Amtrak, the U.S. national rail system, provides frequent and good quality service to these and other cities, but can be expensive.

Bus service is also available to go to New York and other cities, and at lower cost than Amtrak. Information on these options can be found on-line or once you are here.