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Caroline Herschel Visitor Program

The Caroline Herschel Visitor Program

The Caroline Herschel visitors are required to spend at least 3 and preferably 4 weeks at STScI over a period of two years. This time may be divided into multiple visits of at least ~1 week each. Travel and local expenses are covered, but not salary support. Program invitees are suggested by a committee appointed by the Science Mission Office, with approval from the Director.

Caroline Herschel visitors may engage in a wide variety of activities while visiting STScI, including working and lecturing on their own scientific projects, giving public talks, meeting with junior staff members, and participating in panel discussions organized within the STScI Mentoring program.

For more information, please contact I. Neill Reid at, or phone: 410.338.4971.

List of Past Caroline Herschel Visitors

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