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Collaborative Visitor Program

STScI science staff may request financial support for visits to STScI by their scientific colleagues in order to collaborate on research projects. Support for such visits can be provided by the DDRF; please read the Visitor Guidelines. Questions should be directed to Ron Allen, manager of the DDRF.

In order to accommodate visitors in terms of office space, key card access, etc., we ask that staff complete Visitor Information Form A six weeks in advance of the planned visit. This pertains to ALL VISITORS, whether receiving DDRF support or not. It may not be possible to support travel arrangements, office space, key card, or other requests if Form A is submitted late.

After Form A is submitted and approved, visitors can correspond directly with the Program Assistant (Karyn Poletis,, to deal with travel arrangements, office assignments, expense reports, etc.

Visitors should be aware of allowable and non-allowable expenses. Unallowable expenses will not be reimbursed.

Visitors having a Social Security Number must complete Tax Form W-9 before any reimbursement can be paid. Visitors who do not have a Social Security Number must complete Tax Form W-8.

Other Information: