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PyRAF v2.1.14 Download


This is NOT the place to get STScI's full Python data analysis software package (MultiDrizzle, PyDrizzle, SAAclean, etc., including PyRAF). For that, go to the stsci_python download page instead.

This page is for those that want to download PYRAF ONLY.

PyRAF Only

The current version of PyRAF is v2.1.14 (Jan 2017).

PyRAF currently supports Python 2.7.*, and 3.4, 3.5 !

PyRAF is also now available for Microsoft Windows! It will in general be very limited since IRAF is not available on that platform, but some subcomponents such as Astrodrizzle are available for Windows.

The current version of STSDAS is listed here.


The Latest Official PyRAF Release:

Here is the latest nightly tar-ball version from the repository:

You may also "pip install pyraf". Whether you install via pip or, you may find these stand-alone-installation instructions helpful.

Windows users may use the "bsdtar" (command-line) or "7-Zip" (GUI) utilities to unpack any PyRAF downloads, or they may simply use these zipped versions of the nightly tarball:, and


PyRAF depends on the following other software packages which can be downloaded separately:

Old Versions

The following versions of stand-alone PyRAF are unsupported, outdated and fully superseded by the versions available above.