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Known PyRAF Shortcomings

This is a general catch-all page listing any problems or limitations of PyRAF, differences from the IRAF CL, and planned improvements for the future. Not included here are the myriad enhancements, changes, fixes, and bugs still to be considered - all already listed at the PyRAF Trac site. Items here may be followed by a parenthetical comment on our plans for responding to them. If the comment says "no plans" then we do not currently have any plans to implement the listed feature or behavior. That may change if we receive enough feedback indicating that it is important.

Not included in these lists are enhancements to the IDL-like capabilities of Python through improvements to the Numpy package.

For example, some known problems with PyRAF are:

  1. Sometimes Y axis labels are incorrectly oriented on interactive displays. (unsure if this still occurs)
  2. The graphics cursor flickers a bit when moved. This is almost unnoticeable when running locally, but in some cases with remote display it can be a bit sluggish and annoying. (no plans)
  3. IGI does not clear the previous plot when plotting a new one. (no plans - not many users)

Please let us know of any problems not listed above by sending an email to

Differences from the CL are listed here.
Planned improvements are listed here.