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Source Forge CVS repository

To retrieve the source code from the Source Forge CVS repository, use the following commands. You need to have access on your local system to a "cvs client" software in order to do this.

First, you log in as anonymous with this command. The standard Source Forge password for anonymous login is a blank (just type the 'Enter' key in response to the password query):

cvs login

Logging in to

CVS password:

Next, check out the desired files. The following command exemplifies the checkout of the 'spv' package:

cvs -z3 co -P spv

Browse repository:

One can also browse the CVS repository here.

The main code resides in the 'spv' package; the 'resources' and 'misc' packages contain supporting files necessary to run the Specview application.

The required libraries for compiling and building Specview are distributed together with the Specview application. Include all the .jar files in there in your CLASSPATH.

We do not provide anymore the source code in this web site in order to avoid duplication of repositories and potential problems caused by loosing synchronization between them.