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For Developers

We are no longer supporting the use of Specview as an add-on module in other applications. Due to a shortage of resources, we are limited to provide basic maintenance to the Specview code base only.

Specview is distributed under an Open Source BSD-style license.

Please, visit the JavaDoc page for the Specview class at

The class documentation can be found under the spv package.

You would also want to download Specview from here.

The download files contain the specview.jar file which you should include in your classpath. They also include supporting libraries for FITS file access, XML file access, Virtual Observatory and Web Services access, and the JavaHelp system, that you may or may not have to include in your classpath, if you aleady use any one of them.

If you are interested in Specview's inner workings, you can download the source code from the Source Forge CVS repository. See here how to do it.