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What Is Specview?

Specview is a Java interactive 1-D spectral visualization and analysis application (it exists in an applet version as well). It is capable of:

A few screen shot examples can be seen here.

Screen shot of a data fitting session This is a full screen shot so it may require that you hit the expand button, and/or maximize your browser window.

Specview was not initially conceived to be a general-purpose spectrum analysis and measurement tool. It was basically designed to enable quick, easy and simultaneous visualization of multiple 1-D spectral data sets (mainly from HST) stored in complex file formats, and to perform complex, multi-component spectral model fitting to these data. It was in a sense conceived as a partial replacement for the no longer supported Aspect spectral package. As with Aspect, operations such as spectrum arithmetic, splicing, simple and quick line profile measurement, spectral line identification, filtering / smoothing, etc, were either not supported, or supported in a very crude form in the initial releases.

Publication quality plots were also not part of the original requirements. Thus operations such as font and color selection, plot annotation, etc. were also not supported, or were supported in limited form only. Note however that Specview can save its state to files, thus complex plots can be built and saved to file for posterior recovery.

Over the years, due to continuing enhancements in both the Java support libraries, and on its performance, most of these limitations were addressed and removed, although some still remain.