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Spike for GSOC/DLR

The German Space Operations Center (GSOC) of the German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR) is using Spike to support two missions: MOMS-2P and MIR97.

MOMS-2P (Modular Optoelectronic Multispectral Scanner) is a mission to observe targets on the Earth with a special camera mounted on the Russian space station MIR. Spike is used for the generation of the mid-term timeline, which covers a period of two weeks and for the generation of short-term timeline, which covers a period of one day.

Since clouds obscure MOMS-2P observations, the DLR has developed a novel extension to Spike: They use weather statistics to take into account the probability of cloud cover in constructing the suitability function.

MIR97 is a manned mission which lasts about a month. The activity of astronauts is scheduled using Spike.