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ST Grants Management System

...For Investigators And Research Administrators

Multiplatform Access for Distributed Investigators and Sponsored Research Offices

STGMS for Investigators and Research Administrators provides a system for submitting proposal budgets, tracking grants, and submitting financial and performance reports to the grantor institution. PIs can coordinate approved funding for a proposal among multiple investigators, review the funding requests of COIs, and prepare (and submit if authorized) administrative requests and reports. All documents, including grant awards, grant amendments, budgets and reports, are saved in the STGMS database for review by administrators and investigators. Standard documents are pre populated to simplify data entry. Budget screens provide for electronic submission of original and revised budgets for proposals, and for supplemental budgets for grants. The key user is the Institution's Authorizing Official (AO). A privilege hierarchy, controlled by the AO (or their designee) protects confidential information and controls the grant process from proposal to closeout. The AO designee can control thelevel of review and approval required for grant submissions. The AO controls who within an institution is notified of submissions or required Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows NT/2000, and popular Unix/Linux systems are supported using Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.

For Investigators And Research Administrators