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Although STSDAS and TABLES are still distributed through Astroconda (, we only offer partial support for these packages.

The Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System (STSDAS) is a software package for reducing and analyzing astronomical data. It is layered on top of IRAF and provides general-purpose tools for astronomical data analysis as well as routines specifically designed for HST data. In particular, STSDAS contains all the programs used for the calibration and reduction of HST data in the STScI post-observation processing pipelines.

The TABLES package sits alongside STSDAS and provides tools and libraries for working with tabular data. STSDAS requires TABLES, but one may use TABLES without STSDAS. Together, these two packages comprise STSDAS/TABLES.

STSDAS and TABLES are products of the Science Software Branch of the Operations and Engineering Division at STScI.