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Cycle 25 Peer Review Guidelines

Comments to Proposers

We do not require panelists to submit preliminary comments. However, the primary reviewer of a proposal is required to lead the initial discussion, and the secondary reviewer will provide supplementary comments. We therefore recommend that panelists arrive at the meeting with the notes and comments for the appropriate proposals. The notes/comments should include: The pre-meeting comments need not be lengthy, but should capture the essence of the reviewer's opinion. When preparing your pre-meeting notes, the following may be useful issues to comment on: With respect to the latter two items, note that most proposals should either receive all the requested resources or be rejected. In general, proposals should not be trimmed to enable acceptance of more proposals.

You may enter your preliminary comments if you so desire, as well as the Notification Comments into our Web-based review system at: If you wish to enter any preliminary comments prior to the review, we have implemented a "Private" Field in the Reviews section for each reviewer that is only visible to yourself. This will help lessen any bias with the preliminary grading process.