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Cycle 25 Peer Review Guidelines

Panel Support Staff Members

All Panels have been assigned one STScI staff member, called a Panel Support Staff (PSS) member. The PSS's provide support before and during the review (e.g., arrange for answers to technical questions, monitor grades, handles ranking process etc.), but do not take part in the discussions.

Panel STScI Support E-mail Phone Panel Room Panel Chair
TAC Brett Blacker 301-633-1770
Board Room Catherine Cesarsky
BlackHoles1 Clare Shanahan 410-338-6878 337 – Bloomberg TBD
BlackHoles2 Ben Sunnquist 410-338-6807 447 – Bloomberg TBD
Cosmology1 Brett Salmon 410-338-6746 Mikulski Conference Rm (S101) TBD
Cosmology2 Rachel Plesha 410-338-4457 475 – Bloomberg TBD
Galaxies-IGM1 Heather Kurtz 410-338-6879 Board Room TBD
Galaxies-IGM2 Steve Penton 410-338-4456 CafeCon TBD
Galaxies-IGM3 Weston Eck 410-338-6858 259 – Bloomberg TBD
Galaxies-IGM4 Shelley Meyett 410-338-4542 112 TBD
Planets1 Blair Porterfield 410-338-4441 274 – Bloomberg TBD
Planets2 Bryan Holler 410-338-6404 278 – Bloomberg TBD
Solar System Tony Roman 410-338-4479 511 – Bloomberg TBD
Stars1 Joleen Carlberg 667-218-6383 224 TBD
Stars2 Crystal Mannfolk 410-338-4388 139 – Bloomberg TBD
Stars3 Annalisa Calamida 410-338-6428 235 – Bloomberg TBD
StellarPops1 Andrea Bellini 410-338-4431 N420 TBD
StellarPops2 Chris Johnson 410-338-4541 S322 TBD