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Cycle 25 Peer Review Guidelines

Travel Logistics for Airline and Train

The reservation procedures for review members are somewhat different for American, European (ESA nominees and NON-ESA nominated members from ESA member countries) as well as other Panel and TAC members. The group to follow is based solely on the location of your institution, and NOT on the passport you may carry.

Europeans: (ESA nominees): are to arrange their airplane ticket purchase with Karen Sealover or 410-338-6454 after they receive email instructions from her.

Domestic US Travelers and Canada: Space Telescope Science Institute requires that all panel members in this group obtain their airline and train tickets through the Corporate Traveler Agency. Daniel Campbell-Lavis is our agent and will handle your reservations, he can be contacted via email: or via the telephone 703-236-1220 Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:30pm (EDT).

Any other panel members: panelists from other countries not listed above should follow the same arrangements as Domestic US Travelers, however your Travel Authorization number is different.

Your Travel Authorization number for:

We regret any inconvenience that this might cause, but STScI is required to follow NASA rules in these matters.

Any questions please contact Sherita Hanna 410-338-5079.