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Wednesdays, 3:30pm (Wine and Cheese will be served after the talks),
Bloomberg Center for Physics & Astronomy, Room 462

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STScI/JHU CoolSci Talk Series: January 2019
Date Speaker Title
16 Jan 2019 Ben Sargent (STScI) "Alumina Polymorphism in the Circumstellar Dust Shells of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars"
David Law (STScI) "Extended Ionized Gas Nebulae around Optically Faint AGNs at Redshift z ∼ 2"
23 Jan 2019 Alaina Henry (STScI) "Unlocking Reionization: Keys from Low Redshift Analog Galaxies"
Brooks Kinch (JHU) "Predicting Spectra from Black Hole Simulations"
30 Jan 2019 Kirby Runyon (JHU) "APL’s Interstellar Probe Mission Concept Study"
Amaya Moro-Martin (STScI) "1I’Oumuamua"