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MOST of the information below is DEPRECATED.
To install STSDAS/TABLES, please INSTEAD use AstroConda.

The current version of STSDAS/TABLES is 3.17 (March 2014).

Macintosh and Linux Binaries

If you would like a binary install that contains all of STSCI_PYTHON, Python, Numpy, IRAF, STSDAS, etc, see the Ureka download site at . This software bundle most likely contains a lot of software that you do not need, but it greatly simplifies the installation process. If you choose Ureka, you give up some disk space that goes to waste, but you receive a large savings in time and aggravation.

Regular install: Before You Begin...

STSDAS runs in the IRAF environment. If you do not already have IRAF installed on your local system, you will need to get and install IRAF before installing STSDAS. If you do not have IRAF, you can retrieve it from the IRAF web site at NOAO.

STSDAS was built and tested under IRAF 2.14. The binaries also work with either 64 bit or 32 bit IRAF 2.15 or 2.16.

If you have any problems with the installation or software retrieval, contact the STScI Help Desk:


This release of STSDAS/TABLES has a simpler install procedure.

Extract the tar file that you downloaded with a command like this:

    tar zxf stsci_iraf-3.17.redhat.tar.gz

All of the tar files contain a directory named stsci_iraf-3.17; change to this directory:

    cd stsci_iraf-3.17

Run the install script:


This script will show you the name of your iraf extern.pkg file and several lines of configuration. Copy/paste ALL of these lines into extern.pkg, even if you do not need all of them.

If you do not have write access to hlib$extern.pkg, you can place these lines in your

If your extern.pkg file already contains definitions for STSDAS, TABLES, or STECF, remove them.

Source Code

There is also a tar file that contains Source Code Only. This is source code for STSDAS, TABLES, and STECF, but due to recently discovered licensing issues, we are not permitted to distribute certain files of the source code. Those files have been removed from this source code. This affects only a small portion of the source code, so it may still be useful if you want to examine the algorithms used.


Information about HSTCAL can be found here.

Previous Versions

Due to recently discovered licensing issues, we have had to withdraw previous versions of STSDAS and TABLES. If you need an older version of STSDAS or TABLES, please contact We may be able to give you binaries and source code, with the license-encumbered code removed.