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The CVOS is the C Interface to the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility (IRAF) Virtual Operating System libraries (VOS). The CVOS was developed by the Science Software Branch at the Space Telescope Science Institute. The CVOS is comprised of both pre-built interface functions to the major IRAF libraries which the programmer can use ``out of the box'' to begin writing C applications, as well as a semi-automated interface generation mechanism which can be used to create additional bindings to needed IRAF functionality. Documentation.

Introductory CL Programming course We highly recommend that people use PyRAF and Python to script IRAF tasks, but recognize that this isn't always the best way. This introductory course, along with the accompanying documentation, offers a way to get started and points to where to read more.

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SPP Programmer's Reference We do not recommend developing any new programs in SPP; STScI has not been writing any new programs in SPP for a few years. This manual is useful for those that:

  1. need to maintain or extend an existing SPP program.
  2. understand what an existing SPP program is doing.
  3. use the useful library reference contained within the CVOS to write C programs using the IRAF VOS.