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STSDAS Version 3.15 Release Notes

STSDAS Version 3.16 Release Notes

May 2013

This release of STSDAS contains changes to the pipeline code for the
WFC3 HST instrument; specifically, for calwf3 and aXe.

The final software used by the ST-ECF to calibrate FOS data has been
included strictly as a record of the processing performed to generate
the FOS products available from the HST archive.

The specific changes are detailed in the following sections.

HSTCAL and Future STSDAS Releases
The code for CALACS has been removed entirely from STSDAS as it has
been replaced by the HSTCAL version.  Any user loading the acs package
under STSDAS will be directed to the HSTCAL version which now has
a Python-based TEAL interface as well as the standard command-line
executable interface.

The STSDAS versions of CALWF3 and CALSTIS will also be removed in
future releases as they get replaced by HSTCAL versions of the code.

Source Code Distribution Changes
Copyrighted algorithms from the Numerical Recipes books were found to be
present in the STSDAS code base.  As a result, those functions are
no longer being distributed with the STSDAS source code.  They are
used to compile the binaries that get distributed, but we can no
longer provide the source code for those functions.

Platform Support
Binaries for this release were built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
and Mac OS X 10.5.  Binaries were built with IRAF 2.14.  Binaries
for newer versions of IRAF or operating systems may be built as
needed, and users can check the STSDAS web pages for more

IRAF is available separately from

No Solaris Support
This release has NOT been tested on the Solaris platform.  We no longer
build Solaris binaries for STSDAS, although the source code can always
be downloaded and compiled locally as needed.

64-bit IRAF Support
IRAF 2.15 includes support for 64-bit systems. The changes necessary to
support 64-bits generally require applications to be modified. We will
only release 32-bit binaries of the Tables and STSDAS packages for use
with IRAF 2.15. Support for 32-bit binaries will continue as long as
there are sufficient platforms that such binaries will run on. We may
only convert some packages in Tables and STSDAS to 64-bit version when
the 32-bit versions are no longer viable and if created will be released
as a separate package with a different name. When the 32-bit versions
of TABLES and STSDAS are no longer viable, support for any tasks within
those packages not ported to 64-bits will end.  The full description of
this policy can be found online at:

STECF Software
This release contains the latest version of the stecf IRAF package for
supporting HST data that had been developed by members of the Space
Telescope European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF) which closed on 31
December 2010.

The packages included in stecf are:

imres - Tasks used for photometric image restoration with unconstrained star
        positions, simulating images with ground-based seeing and making
        apodizing mask images.

impol - A package for imaging linear polarization mapping for data taken
        using the polarimetry modes of HST instruments.  An overview and
        access to demos and help files is available at:

specres - A package for point source extraction and background decomposition
          of 2-D (longslit) spectra. An oThe wf3rej task was upgraded to read and save the BUNIT keyword value from the
[sci,1] extension of each input image and to then check those values each time
input sci data arrays are loaded in the various subroutines. If the input data
are in units of rates (either DN/sec or electrons/sec), the data are
immediately scaled up by the exposure time of the particular image to turn them
back into units of counts, which is the expected working units within wf3rej.verview is provided at:

Support for these packages may be obtained by contacting the STScI Help
Desk at ''. These questions will then be forwarded to the
package authors at ESO as required.

The aXe tasks fcubeprep and iolprep have been updated to work with both
the new astrodrizzle related drizzle code as well as the obsolete, deprecated
MultiDrizzle code found in STSDAS.

The code for CALWF3 found in STSDAS has been frozen with no further development
being done on this version.  It has been replaced, as noted when the package
gets loaded, by the HSTCAL version of CALWF3.  All future bug fixes and
code enhancements will take place with the HSTCAL version of this code. This
version may, or may not, be removed entirely from STSDAS at some point in the

This package has been removed in its entirety from STSDAS. All packages that
were part of STLOCAL were identified as obsolete with no development on any
of these packages taking place over the last 5-10 years. If you need some
functionality from this package, send a request to the Help Desk at

Removed c_apowkx from stsdas/lib/cvos/xvops.c because it references apowkx_,
which does not exist in IRAF and was causing a build error.  c_apowkx does not
appear to be called anywhere from within stsdas, so this should have a minimal

With IRAF 2.15, stsdasbin$ was not being resolved correctly, causing things like
iminfo and listarea to not be found.  So, stsdas/lib/zzsetenv.def was changed to
define stsdasbin as "stsdas$bin/" instead of "stsdas$bin(arch)/" (which works
because there is a symlink from bin --> bin.arch).

WARNING - This will break things if you have executables for multiple
architectures in a single installation of stsdas.  This is considered an
edge-case now, with the low cost of disc space.