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Although STSDAS and TABLES are still distributed through Astroconda (, we only offer partial support for these packages.

The programs that make up the Synphot synthetic photometry package are distributed as part of STSDAS.

The SYNPHOT Data User's Guide ( New! 2008 Edition ) is a User's Guide for the data-driven aspects of Synphot. It describes obsmodes and keywords for HST instruments (present, future, and retired) and supported ground based photometric systems.

The Synphot Users Guide (2005 Edition) gives detailed descriptions of the tasks in the Synphot package.

The answers to some frequently-asked questions about synphot can be found in the synphot FAQ.

Since the data files used by synphot in its calculations are rather large, they are distributed separately. CDBS data is available here.

If you have questions, or are experiencing problems installing the synphot data, please contact us at