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About Tables

Although STSDAS and TABLES are still distributed through Astroconda (, we only offer partial support for these packages.

The tasks (programs) in TABLES are grouped by function into three packages: fitsio, tbplot and ttools. Loading the tables package makes all the tasks in these three packages available for use.

The fitsio package contains tasks for working with FITS files. For example, catfits displays information about the extensions in a FITS file, optionally including a complete listing of the headers.

The tbplot package contains igi and sgraph, tasks for plotting tables, but they can also plot images or text tables. igi is interactive (but can execute a script) and very flexible. sgraph is simpler to use and the default values can be changed for added versatility.

The ttools package contains of order 50 tasks for working with tables.

The programming interface included with TABLES provides functions for opening and closing tables, and reading or wrtiting header or data values. Supported tables formats are BINTABLE extensions in a FITS file, STSDAS table format, and plain ASCII files in row/column format. FITS table I/O makes use of the CFITSIO interface from HEASARC, a copy of which is included in the TABLES library. The library provides an SPP interface, a programming language specific to IRAF, which was designed for creating IRAF tasks. A Fortran interface library is also provided for most of the I/O functions. In the STSDAS package there is a C interface to TABLES (and to several other packages in IRAF and STSDAS), which can be used for creating either host Unix programs or native IRAF tasks, written in C.

Here is a brief description of all the tasks in the tables package.

catfits Print contents (a catalog) of FITS files on tape or on disk.
stwfits Convert tables and/or GEIS files to FITS files.
strfits Convert FITS files to tables or to GEIS files.
fitscopy Copy FITS files: disk <-> tape and disk <-> disk.
fits_exampl Detailed examples of `fitsio' tasks.
geis Provide background information about GEIS format files.
gftoxdim Convert a GEIS file to one with extra dimension plus a table.
xdimtogf Convert a GEIS file with extra dimension plus a table to GEIS.
igi Interactive Graphics Interpreter.
sgraph Plot tables, image sections, or text tables.
keypar Copy an image or table header keyword to an IRAF parameter.
keyselect Copy selected image header keywords to a table.
keytab Copy an image or table header keyword to a table element.
parkey Put an IRAF parameter into an image or table header keyword.
partab Copy an IRAF parameter to a table element.
tabkey Copy a table element to an image or table header keyword.
tabpar Copy a table element to an IRAF parameter.
gtedit Graphically edit a table.
imtab Copy an image to a table column.
tabim Copy a table column to an image.
taextract Copy an array entry to a column of scalars in another table.
tainsert Copy a column of scalars to an array entry in another table.
tcalc Perform arithmetic operations on table columns.
tchcol Change column name, print format, or units.
tcheck Check table elements by printing values when a user-specified logical expression is true.
tchsize Change allocated sizes of various sections of a table.
tcopy Copy tables.
tcreate Create a table from an ASCII descriptor table.
tdelete Delete tables.
tdiffer Form a table which is the difference of two tables.
tdump Dump the contents of a table to an ASCII file.
tedit Edit a table interactively.
texpand Expand tables according to a set of rules.
thedit Edit or print table header keywords.
thistogram Make a histogram of a column in a table.
thselect Select tables satisfying an expression; print keywords.
tinfo Display table size information.
tintegrate Numerically integrate one column with respect to another.
tjoin Perform a relational join of two tables.
tlcol List column information for a table.
tlinear Use linear regression to fit one or two table columns.
tmatch Find closest match between rows in two tables
tmerge Either merge or append tables.
tprint Print tables, either headers or data.
tproduct Form the Cartesian product of two tables.
tproject Create new table from selected columns in a table.
tquery Create a new table from selected rows and columns in a table.
tread Read a table interactively.
trebin Resample a table.
tselect Create a new table from selected rows of a table, based on a user-specified expression.
tsort Sort a table (in-place) on one or more columns.
tstat Get mean, standard deviation, median, min, and max for a column.
ttranspose Transpose or flip a table.
tunits Convert table column from one set of units to another.
tupar Interactively edit table header keywords.
tiimage Insert an image into an array entry in a table.
titable Insert a table with scalar columns into a table with array columns.
tximage Extract an image from an array entry in a table.
txtable Extract array columns from a table into a table with scalar columns.
tscopy Copy row/column subsets of tables using selectors.