HST Data Handbook

Version 3.1, March 1998

The HST Data Handbook describes datasets produced by each instrument aboard the Hubble Space Telescope. Techniques for reading, displaying, understanding, calibrating, and analyzing datasets are presented for all data sent to observers or available through the HST Data Archive.

Version 3.0 (October 1997) of the handbook adopts a modular organization that lends itself to frequent updates. Individual chapters may be updated at any time as new information becomes available, and the revision date column in the tables below will identify the most recent version. As we become aware of corrections or updates, new information will also be posted on a series of errata sheets.

The HST Data Handbook is now split it into two volumes:

Updates to several chapters are now available via the PDF Download page.

Getting the Handbook

The handbook can be obtained or used in several ways:


Most Recent Update: March 30, 1998
Update Chapters Available via the Download page

Corrected chapters are made available on a periodic basis, the following pages contain errata and updates since the most recent update (3/30/98).


If you have questions about the handbook, or you would like to request a printed copy, please contact the STScI Help Desk, help@stsci.edu.

Mark Stevens, SSD,

31 March 1998