About the WFPC2 Instrument Handbook

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WFPC2 Instrument Team

Wide Field / Planetary Camera

Name Job Phone E-mail
Brad WhitmoreWF/PC Group Lead410-338-4743 whitmore@stsci.edu
John BirettaTechnical Lead Scientist410-338-4917 biretta@stsci.edu
Stefano CasertanoCalibration Lead Scientist410-338-4752 casertano@stsci.edu
Keith NollUser Support Lead Scientist410-338-1828 noll@stsci.edu
Sylvia BaggettCalibration Pipeline Lead Scientist410-338-5054 sbaggett@stsci.edu
Harry FergusonInstrument Scientist410-338-5098 ferguson@stsci.edu
Andy FruchterInstrument Scientist410-338-5018 fruchter@stsci.edu
Chris O'DeaInstrument Scientist410-338-2590 odea@stsci.edu
Massimo StiavelliInstrument Scientist410-338-4835 stiavelli@stsci.edu
Anatoly SuchkovInstrument Scientist410-338-4979 suchkov@stsci.edu
Jean SurdejInstrument Scientist410-338-4984 surdej@stsci.edu
Shireen GonzagaData Analyst 410-338-4412 gonzaga@stsci.edu
Ingeborg HeyerData Analyst 410-338-5017 heyer@stsci.edu
Matt McMasterData Analyst410-338-4463 mcmaster@stsci.edu
Michael S. WiggsData Analyst 410-338-4998 wiggs@stsci.edu
J.C. HsuScientific Programmer410-338-4760 hsu@stsci.edu

The WFPC2 Investigation Definition Team:

John T. Trauger, Christopher J. Burrows, John Clarke, David Crisp, John Gallagher, Richard E. Griffiths, J. Jeff Hester, John Hoessel, Jon Holtzman, Jeremy Mould, and James A. Westphal

Handbook Authors and Contributors:

John Biretta, Chris Burrows, Jon Holtzman, Inge Heyer, Mark Stevens, Sylvia Baggett, Stefano Casertano, Mark Clampin, Andrew Fruchter, Harry Ferguson, Ron Gilliland, Richard Griffiths, John Krist, Keith Noll, Christopher O'Dea, Massimo Stiavelli, Anatoly Suchkov, Jean Surdej, and Brad Whitmore

Revision History

Instrument Version Date Editor
WF/PC-11.0; 2.0; 2.1October 1985; May 1989; May 1990 Richard Griffiths
WF/PC-13.0April 1992John W. MacKenty
WFPC21.0; 2.0; 3.0March 1993; May 1994; June 1995 Christopher J. Burrows
WFPC24.0June 1996John A. Biretta


In publications please refer to this document as "Biretta, J. A., et al. 1996, WFPC2 Instrument Handbook, Version 4.0 (Baltimore: STScI). Copyright © 1996 by STScI.