1.5 Organization of this Handbook

A description of the instrument is contained in Chapter 2. The filter set is described in Chapter 3. CCD performance is discussed in Chapter 4. A description of the Point Spread Function is given in Chapter 5. The details necessary to estimate exposure times are described in Chapter 6. A summary of observation strategies is given in Chapter 7. Data products and standard calibration methods, and calibration plans are summarized in Chapter 8. A complete list of references is given in Chapter 9.

This document summarizes the performance of the WFPC2 as known in April 1996 after two years of on-orbit calibration. Observers are encouraged to contact the STScI Help Desk, the WFPC2 WWW pages (see section 1.7 "WFPC2 Handbook on the WWW" below), and STScI Instrument Scientists for the latest information.