Calibration and Data Reduction

8.6 Pipeline Processing

The pipeline processing of WFPC2 data sets reformats the telemetry received from HST into group FITS format images, generates headers containing a large number of keywords taken from both the HST and WFPC2 telemetry streams, in addition to various STScI ground system databases, and applies the calibration described below. This calibration is done with a module known as "CALWP2" which is written in the IRAF SPP language and is available, in identical form, to users of the STSDAS system. Therefore, off-line recalibration of observations is fairly easy, and will use the same program as the PODPS system. Documentation is available in the HST Data Handbook, and the STSDAS User's Guide.

CALWP2 performs the following operations if required by the observation:

In addition, the following conditions are flagged in the Data Quality File (DQF):