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  • Science Requirements Document
    This is a document developed by the JWST Science Working Group under the leadership of the Senior Project Scientist. It describes four science areas and the JWST capabilities needed to address them.
    The SODRM is designed to represent the range and depth of science programs that JWST will carry out in its first year of science operations. Its main purpose is to provide a realistic test bed for the design and implementation of the JWST ground system at STScI, and for simulations of the operating schedule for the observatory and its instruments.
  • JWST Handbooks
    Documents containing broad descriptions of JWST and its instruments, as well as their capabilities.
  • Presentations
    Oral presentations given by JWST staff to a variety of audiences. Includes public presentations given by non-STScI staff about JWST.
  • Science White Papers
    In the course of working on the development of JWST, the Science Working Group and other scientists working on Webb have written a variety of white papers describing science programs that might be carried out with JWST and how.
  • Papers found on ADS referencing JWST
    These papers can be found through a simple search of ADS and links are available for each year since 1989. The listing is current and is organized by year.
  • JWST Instrument and Science-Topic Flyers
    Fliers containing information on instruments aboard JWST and science capabilities.
  • Instrument Document Archives:- MIRI, NIRCam, NIRISS, NIRSpec
  • ST-ECF Documents
    Following decisions made by both ESA and ESO, the ST-ECF closed and ceased operations on 31st December 2010. Information resulting from the group's JWST related science activities has been transferred to STScI and is available here.