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MIRI Status

Status Highlights

  • The MIRI team has now completed two cryo-test campaigns with the MIRI VM
    • These give great confidence in expected MIRI performance and our ability to calibrate it
    • Lessons learned have been applied to the flight design of the ICE and FPE
  • Completed environmental qualification testing for most of the hardware
    • Wheel mechanism assemblies qualification tests complete next year
  • Completed manufacture and assembly of the three flight focal plane modules
    • One is already ready for delivery, the other two in final stages of acceptance testing
  • Started assembly of all the FM optical sub-assemblies
    • Some FM Units are delivered and now being stored
  • Science Team and STScI have made great progress in defining key aspects of MIRI operations

MIRI Test and Calibration Team

  • MIRI Cryo-testing is carried out by an integrated international team supported by ALL the MIRI partners (i.e. all the EC countries, STScI JPL, GSFC, Arizona, Ames, ESA)
  • Team organization and participation has been a great success of the test campaign
    • Some 40 people in total contributed
    • Mixture of experiences instrument scientists and people testing an infrared instrument for the first time
  • This is a team that will carry out the flight performance verification tests, ground calibration of the flight instrument, flight calibration, in orbit checkout etc.