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NIRCAM Filters

The short-wavelength channel contains 1 extra wide, 5 wide-band (R~4), 4 medium (R~10), and 3 narrow-band (R~100) filters, while the long-wavelength channel contains 1 extra wide, 3 wide, 8 medium, 4 narrow-band filters as shown in the table below. Most filters are in the filter wheels; they are used with a pupil-stop placed in the CLEAR pupil wheel element. The few filters in the pupil wheels include their individual pupil stops and are paired with an appropriate blocking filter in the filter wheel.

Illustration of the NIRCam pupil wheels (left) and filter wheels (right).

NIRCam Filters:

The figure and table below show the total system throughput, henceforth referred to as Photon-to-Electron Conversion Efficiency (PCE), for all NIRCam filters. The PCE includes the effects of the Optical Telescope Element (OTE), NIRCam optical train, filters, and detector QE. It does not include losses due to the pupil stop. For filters in the pupil wheels, the PCE also includes the effects of the appropriate blocking filter in the filter wheel. Note that throughputs of individual components, most notably the OTE, are not finalized and subject to small changes.

For all filters, these values are the mean of the module A and module B PCE. Note that there is a non-negligible difference in the detector QE at the longest wavelengths in the Longwave Channel. In addition, several filters, most notably F480M, show differences in throughput between the module A and module B versions. In the future, separate module A and module B calculations will be possible using synphot.

Schematic showing the NIRCam filters bandpasses. The vertical bar indicates the beamsplitter deadband; 'P' indicates the filters mounted in the pupil wheels. Values are (filter x detector QE x NIRCam optics x OTE).

Click filter name in the table below to download a copy of the PCE table (W2=Extra Wide, W=Wide, M=Medium, N=Narrow). Values are current as of Dec 2015.

Short Wavelength Filters
Long Wavelength Filters
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F150W2F187N, F212N, and DHS Blocking Filter F322W2 Background Min. Primarily used with grisms. Blocking filter for F323N.
F070WGeneral Purpose F277W General Purpose
F090WGeneral Purpose F356W General Purpose
F115WGeneral Purpose F444W General Purpose. Blcoking filter for F405N, F466N, F470N.
F150WGeneral Purpose F250M CH4, Continuum
F200WGeneral Purpose F300M Water Ice
F140MCool Stars, H2O, CH4 F335M PAH, CH4
F162MCool Stars, Off-band for H2O F360M Brown Dwarfs, Planets, Continuum
F182MCool Stars, H2O, CH4 F410M Brown Dwarfs, Planets, H2O, CH4
F210MH2O, CH4 F430M CO2, N2
F164N[FeII] F460M CO
F187NPa-alpha F480M Brown Dwarfs, Planets, Continuum
F212NH2 F323N H2
F405N Br-alpha
F466N CO
F470N H2