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James Webb Space Telescope
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  • First Light (WFSS)
    • Optimized to detect emission-line galaxies over a large redshift range (7 < z < 17).
    • Optimized to detect Lyman break galaxies.
  • High-Contrast Imaging of Point Sources (AMI)
    • Non-Redundant Mask (NRM) provides the highest angular resolution of any instrument on JWST.
    • Enables detection of planets very close (70-500mas) to their parent star.
  • High-Resolution Imaging of Extended Sources (AMI)
    • NRM provides capability to perform aperture synthesis (as is commonly done in radio astronomy)
    • Enables high-resolution mapping of AGN and quasars (for example)
  • Exoplanet Characterization (AMI, SOSS)
    • Three medium-band filters for use with NRM provide spectral information to characterize the temperature and gravity of objects
    • The design GR700XD grism is optimized for spectroscopy of transiting exoplanet systems between 0.6 and 2.5 microns. This region includes strategic molecular features like H2O and CO2. Mild defocus provided by a built-in lens and the absence of a slit permits extraordinary accuracy.