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Image of MIRI field of view, showing its four coronagraphs.
SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

Seeing Through the Glare with JWST Coronagraphy

The coronagraphic capabilities provided by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will reveal faint structures otherwise hidden by the glare of a bright point source.

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Image showing optimal NIRCam WFSS fields for the broad band filters F322W2 and F444W.
AUGUST 1, 2018

How To Discover the Optimal Fields of View for Slitless Spectroscopy with NIRCam

Find out how to plan your NIRCam slitless observations so your most important spectra do not fall outside of the detector.

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Example NIRCam dither patterns.
NOVEMBER 28, 2017

New Efficient NIRCam Image Dither Patterns Are Now Available

Based on a revised model for observing overheads, the NIRCam team has developed more efficient dither patterns for NIRCam imaging modes.

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