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October 2005 JWST Project Status
Current Project Status

SAT recommendations accepted (links to documentation in Project News below).

Following a number of reviews and the recommendations of the SAT and Independent Program Assessment Office (IPAO), the JWST Project has rebaselined the project for a launch date no earlier than June 2013. NASA HQ has agreed to fund JWST activities at the level requested for FY06. In February 2006, the Project Manager will provide to a detailed replanning of activities between now and launch and the needed funding levels for future years.

The Project Manager has been able to identify significant savings and risk reductions. Using a "cup-up" configuration for the final optical testing of JWST at the Johnson Space Center will save more than $100M and significantly reduce the costs of additional testing, if required. The SAT's recommendation to relax the optical requirements at 1 micron will also significantly reduce the cost of additional cryo-polishing cycles for the Be primary mirror segments (the individual segment quality is relaxed).

While many areas in the program have slowed down due to lower funding levels, the Project is maintaining schedule on the manufacture of mirror segments and in reaching the appropriate flight qualification of new technologies. The System Definition Review (SDR) will be held in January 2006. The Non-Advocate Review (NAR) will occur a year later.