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AAS 221 JWST science session, town hall meeting

Can't Make it to Long Beach? Attend JWST Sessions Online!

Jan 1st, 2013: The JWST team will be at the 221st American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in Long Beach CA, and will host both a special science session and a town hall meeting. Through a partnership with the AAS, STScI will be webcasting these sessions online using "GoToMeeting. The webcasting will allow those who cannot attend the meeting in person to nevertheless participate "virtually" through the internet.

The two sessions that will be webcasted are,

Session 135 - "Scientific Opportunities with JWST" on Monday Jan 07th at 2:00 pm

This session will feature six presentations by AAS members. The six speakers and the titles of their presentations are,

  • Mark Dickinson (NOAO) - JWST and deep field studies of galaxy evolution at high redshift
  • Jessica Lu (IfA) - The Galactic Center Seen Through the Precise, Multiplexed Eye of JWST
  • Daniela Calzetti (UMASS) - Studies of Nearby Galaxies in the Era of JWST
  • Tommaso Treu (UCSB) - Strong Lensing, dark matter, and dark energy with the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Margaret Meixner (STScI) - The potential of JWST for studies of the Magellanic Clouds and beyond
  • David Lafreniere (UofM) - The science potential of JWST for exoplanet studies

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Session 318, "The JWST Town Hall" on Wednesday Jan 09th at 12:45 pm

This session will feature three short presentations on the JWST program status, the upcoming Integration and Test Plan, and a science talk by Dr. Mike Brown (Caltech) on the promising science case of JWST for Solar System observations. Following the short presentations, there will be an open discussion and questions from the audience will be taken.

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To view these sessions remotely, external users will need to register with GoToWebinar. After registering, an email will be sent to you with more detailed information on how to connect to GoToWebinar during the meeting.