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James Webb Space Telescope
Data Release

Once JWST has made an observation and the Flight Operations Team has captured the data, the Science & Operating Center (S&OC) Data Management System (DMS) will archive the science and engineering data and notify users that this data is available for distribution. The DMS will be based on the current system used for distributing Hubble data, MAST.

"On-the-fly" (OTF) calibration will be used to distribute data, meaning that only raw data will be archived. The data will only be processed when requested by an observer, archival researcher or engineer. This ensures that the best calibration data and the latest data reduction algorithms are always used to prior to releasing the data. Although the Institute will distribute pieces of the calibration pipeline for the subset of users who want to adapt the pipeline to their purposes, the majority of users will not need to reprocess the data at their home institutions.