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Daily Report #5589

Period Covered:
08:00 pm November 1, 2011 - 07:59 pm November 2, 2011
(DOY 306/0000z - 306/2359z)

Flight Operations Summary

This report was generated by the HST Automated Report System @2011-11-03 17:02:00 GMT

Significant Spacecraft Anomalies: (The following are preliminary reports
of potential non-nominal performance that will be investigated.)




FGS GSAcq		11		11
FGS REAcq		4		4
OBAD with Maneuver	11		11


Program Principal Investigator Program Title
Science Observations Scheduled
12023 James Green, University of Colorado at Boulder COS-GTO: Cold ISM
12281 Mark Clampin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center STIS Coronagraphic Imaging of the Kuiper Belt Surrounding the HR 8799 Planetary System.
12283 Matthew Malkan, University of California - Los Angeles WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey {WISP}: A Survey of Star Formation Across Cosmic Time
12474 Boris Gaensicke, The University of Warwick The frequency and chemical composition of rocky planetary debris around young white dwarfs
12488 Mattia Negrello, Open University SNAPshot observations of gravitational lens systems discovered via wide-field Herschel imaging
12515 Dougal Mackey, Australian National University Probing the outer limits of a galactic halo - deep imaging of exceptionally remote globular clusters in M31
12546 R. Tully, University of Hawaii The Geometry and Kinematics of the Local Volume
12571 Peter Lundqvist, Stockholm University The Crab Halo
Calibration Observations Scheduled
12349 Michael Dulude, Space Telescope Science Institute IR Dark Monitor
12689 Tiffany Borders, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 UVIS CCD Daily Monitor
12691 Vera Kozhurina-Platais, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3/UVIS internal CTE monitor
12693 Kai Noeske, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3/UVIS Charge Injection
12712 Tomas Dahlen, Space Telescope Science Institute IR Internal Flats
12729 David Golimowski, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Daily Monitor {Part 1}
12737 Ralph Bohlin, Space Telescope Science Institute ACS Photometric Cross-Calibration using Stellar Flux Standards
12741 Justin Ely, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Dark Monitor Part 1
12743 Justin Ely, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Bias and Read Noise Monitor Part 1
12769 Michael Wolfe, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Sparse Field CTE Internal
12776 Colin Cox, Space Telescope Science Institute MAMA Dark Monitor