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Daily Report #6084

Period Covered:
08:00 pm March 10, 2013 - 07:59 pm March 11, 2013
(DOY 070/0000z - 070/2359z)

Flight Operations Summary

This report was generated by the HST Automated Report System @2013-03-12 17:02:00 GMT

Significant Spacecraft Anomalies: (The following are preliminary reports
of potential non-nominal performance that will be investigated.)



2374-2 - SCI: SSM486/NSSC-1 SOI Configuration - COS 4.14 Install@70/1329z

FGS GSAcq		10		9
FGS REAcq		8		8
OBAD with Maneuver	11		11


Program Principal Investigator Program Title
Science Observations Scheduled
12445 Sandra Faber, University of California - Santa Cruz Cosmic Assembly Near-IR Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey -- GOODS-North Field, Late Visits of SNe Search
12472 Claus Leitherer, Space Telescope Science Institute CCC - The Cosmic Carbon Conundrum
12486 David Bowen, Princeton University QSO Absorption Line Systems from Dwarf Galaxies
12500 Sugata Kaviraj, University of Hertfordshire High-resolution UV studies of SAURON galaxies with WFC3: constraining recent star formation and its drivers in local early-type galaxies
12568 Matthew Malkan, University of California - Los Angeles WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey WISP: A Survey of Star Formation Across Cosmic Time
12572 Michele Trenti, University of Cambridge The Brightest of Reionizing Galaxies Pure Parallel Survey
12870 Boris Gaensicke, The University of Warwick The mass and temperature distribution of accreting white dwarfs
12874 David Floyd, Monash University Quasar accretion disks: is the standard model valid?
12880 Adam Riess, The Johns Hopkins University The Hubble Constant: Completing HST's Legacy with WFC3
12903 Luis Ho, Carnegie Institution of Washington The Evolutionary Link Between Type 2 and Type 1 Quasars
13046 Robert Kirshner, Harvard University RAISIN: Tracers of cosmic expansion with SN IA in the IR
Calibration Observations Scheduled
12803 Knox Long, Space Telescope Science Institute Guard Darks
13074 John Biretta, Space Telescope Science Institute UVIS CCD Daily Monitor B
13131 Svea Hernandez, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Dark Monitor Part 1
13133 Svea Hernandez, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Bias and Read Noise Monitor Part 1
13153 David Golimowski, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Daily Monitor {Part 2}
13162 Ralph Bohlin, Space Telescope Science Institute ACS Photometric Cross-Calibration using Stellar Flux Standards