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Daily Report #6473

Period Covered:
08:00 pm April 3, 2014 - 07:59 pm April 4, 2014
(DOY 094/0000z - 094/2359z)

Flight Operations Summary

This report was generated by the HST Automated Report System @2014-04-05 17:02:00 GMT

Significant Spacecraft Anomalies: (The following are preliminary reports
of potential non-nominal performance that will be investigated.)




FGS GSAcq		10		10
FGS REAcq		6		6
OBAD with Maneuver	10		10


Program Principal Investigator Program Title
Science Observations Scheduled
13024 John Mulchaey, Carnegie Institution of Washington A Public Snapshot Survey of Galaxies Associated with O VI and Ne VIII Absorbers
13294 Alexander Karim, Universitat Bonn, Argelander Institute for Astronomy Characterizing the formation of the primordial red sequence
13297 Giampaolo Piotto, Universita degli Studi di Padova The HST Legacy Survey of Galactic Globular Clusters: Shedding UV Light on Their Populations and Formation
13309 Yicheng Guo, University of California - Santa Cruz UV Snapshot of Low-redshift Massive Star-forming Galaxies: Searching for the Analogs of High-redshift Clumpy Galaxies
13330 Bradley Peterson, The Ohio State University Mapping the AGN Broad Line Region by Reverberation
13335 Adam Riess, The Johns Hopkins University HST and Gaia, Light and Distance
13352 Matthew Malkan, University of California - Los Angeles WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey WISP: A Survey of Star Formation Across Cosmic Time
13384 Dominik Riechers, Cornell University A Simultaneous Measurement of the Cold Gas, Star Formation Rate, and Stellar Mass Histories of the Universe
13398 Christopher Churchill, New Mexico State University A Breakaway from Incremental Science: Full Characterization of the z<1 CGM and Testing Galaxy Evolution Theory
13423 Ryan Cooke, University of California - Santa Cruz Primordial lithium in z~0, metal-poor damped Lyman alpha systems
13457 Kailash Sahu, Space Telescope Science Institute Accurate Mass Determination of the Nearby Old White Dwarf Stein 2051B through Astrometric Microlensing
13620 William Sparks, Space Telescope Science Institute Probing the atmosphere of a transiting ocean world: are there ice fountains on Europa?
Calibration Observations Scheduled
13518 Svea Hernandez, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Dark Monitor Part 1
13521 Justin Ely, Space Telescope Science Institute FUV Detector Dark Monitor
13528 Justin Ely, Space Telescope Science Institute NUV Detector Dark Monitor
13535 Svea Hernandez, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Bias and Read Noise Monitor Part 1
13557 Matthew Bourque, Space Telescope Science Institute UVIS CCD Daily Monitor B
13562 Michael Dulude, Space Telescope Science Institute IR Dark Monitor
13590 David Golimowski, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Daily Monitor {Part 2}