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Daily Report #6833

Period Covered:
08:00 pm March 29, 2015 - 07:59 pm March 30, 2015
(DOY 089/0000z - 089/2359z)

Flight Operations Summary

This report was generated by the HST Automated Report System @2015-03-31 17:02:00 GMT

Significant Spacecraft Anomalies: (The following are preliminary reports
of potential non-nominal performance that will be investigated.)

14276 - SCI: GSAcq (1,2,1) took two attempts to achieve FL/DV@087/1431z



FGS GSAcq		13		13
FGS REAcq		4		4
OBAD with Maneuver	13		13


Program Principal Investigator Program Title
Science Observations Scheduled
13646 Ryan Foley, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Understanding the Progenitor Systems, Explosion Mechanisms, and Cosmological Utility of Type Ia Supernovae
13661 Matthew Auger, University of Cambridge A SHARP View of the Structure and Evolution of Normal and Compact Early-type Galaxies
13671 Harald Ebeling, University of Hawaii Beyond MACS: A Snapshot Survey of the Most Massive Clusters of Galaxies at z>0.5
13677 Saul Perlmutter, University of California - Berkeley See Change: Testing time-varying dark energy with z>1 supernovae and their massive cluster hosts
13686 Adam Riess, The Johns Hopkins University The Longest Period Cepheids, a bridge to the Hubble Constant
13760 Derck Massa, Space Science Institute Filling the gap --near UV, optical and near IR extinction
13776 Michael Gregg, University of California - Davis Completing The Next Generation Spectral Library
13816 Misty Bentz, Georgia State University Research Foundation High-Resolution Imaging of Active Galaxies with Direct Black Hole Mass Measurements
13826 Massimo Robberto, Space Telescope Science Institute The Orion Nebula Cluster as a Paradigm of Star Formation
14058 Karen Leighly, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Using the WPVS 007 Occultation Event to Constrain the Astrophysics of Quasar Outflows
Calibration Observations Scheduled
13953 David Golimowski, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Daily Monitor (Part 2)
13968 Justin Ely, Space Telescope Science Institute FUV Detector Dark Monitor
13980 Joanna Taylor, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Dark Monitor Part 1
13982 Joanna Taylor, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Bias and Read Noise Monitor Part 1
14003 Matthew Bourque, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 UVIS Daily Monitor B
14005 Harish Khandrika, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 UVIS Unflashed Monitor
14017 Linda Dressel, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 Persistence after worst actors
14030 Peter McCullough, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 CSM monitor Earth Flats
Other Observations Scheduled
12046 David Sahnow, Space Telescope Science Institute COS FUV DCE Memory Dump