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The Hubble Space Telescope

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Daily Report #7538

Period Covered:
07:00 PM March 03, 2017 - 06:59 PM March 04, 2017
(DOY 063/0000z - 063/2359z)

Program Principal Investigator Program Title
Science Observations Scheduled
14617 Joachim Saur, Universitat zu Koeln Auroral properties of the brown dwarf LSR J1835 + 3259: The UV perspective
14644 Pieter van Dokkum, Yale University Exploring the extremely low surface brightness sky: distances to 23 newly discovered objects in Dragonfly fields
14653 James Lowenthal, Smith College The most luminous galaxies: strongly lensed SMGs at 1
14677 Tim Schrabback, Universitat Bonn, Argelander Institute for Astronomy Probing the most distant high-mass galaxy clusters from SPT with HST weak lensing observations
14704 Charlie Conroy, Harvard University A Year in the Whirlpool
14779 Melissa Graham, University of Washington A NUV Imaging Survey for Circumstellar Material in Type Ia Supernovae
Calibration Observations Scheduled
14531 Matthew Bourque, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 UVIS Daily Monitor A
14549 Peter McCullough, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 CSM monitor with earth flats
14818 Allyssa Riley, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Dark Monitor Part 2
14820 Allyssa Riley, Space Telescope Science Institute STIS CCD Bias and Read Noise Monitor Part 1