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The Hubble Space Telescope

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Daily Report #7553

Period Covered:
08:00 PM March 18, 2017 - 07:59 PM March 19, 2017
(DOY 078/0000z - 078/2359z)

Program Principal Investigator Program Title
Science Observations Scheduled
14602 Jay Howk, University of Notre Dame The Perseus Project: Probing Metal Mixing, Dust Destruction, and Kinematics in the Vertical Extension of the Perseus Arm
14606 Brooke Simmons, University of California - San Diego Secular Black Hole Growth and Feedback in Merger-Free Galaxies
14609 Tracy Becker, Southwest Research Institute Psyche's UV Reflectance Spectra: Exploring the origins of the largest exposed-core metallic asteroid
14630 Thomas Collett, University of Portsmouth A unique probe of the dark matter distribution in a halo at z=1: A strong lens with a bright central image
14633 Kevin France, University of Colorado at Boulder A SNAP UV Spectroscopic Study of Star-Planet Interactions
14634 Denis Grodent, Universite de Liege HST-Juno synergistic approach of Jupiter's magnetosphere and ultraviolet auroras
14729 Rajib Ganguly, University of Michigan A New Twist in the Quasar Radio Dichotomy: The Case of the Missing Outflows
14808 Nao Suzuki, Institute for Physics and Mathematics of the Universe SUbaru Supernovae with Hubble Infrared (SUSHI)
14840 Andrea Bellini, Space Telescope Science Institute Schedule Gap Pilot
14848 Thomas Ayres, University of Colorado at Boulder Cracking the Conundrum of F Supergiant Coronae
Calibration Observations Scheduled
14532 Matthew Bourque, Space Telescope Science Institute WFC3 UVIS Daily Monitor B
14818 Allyssa Riley, Space Telescope Science Institute CCD Dark Monitor Part 2
14820 Allyssa Riley, Space Telescope Science Institute STIS CCD Bias and Read Noise Monitor Part 1
14835 Sean Lockwood, Space Telescope Science Institute STIS NUV MAMA Dark Monitor
Other Observations Scheduled
12046 David Sahnow, Space Telescope Science Institute COS FUV DCE Memory Dump