KPNO 4m FLAMINGOS K-band Imaging of the HDF-N GOODS field

First-pass reduction of KPNO/FLAMINGOS Ks-band data for the GOODS HDF-N field, taken on UT 10 Feb 2001. This quick-look reduction was done at the telescope; bad pixel masking can obviously be improved, and no object masking was used during sky subtraction.

FLAMINGOS is a wide-field infrared camera and multiobject spectrograph, built by Richard Elston (U. Fla) and available to the community via a cooperative agreement with NOAO. It uses a 2048 x 2048 HgCdTe detector and provides a 10'.8 x 10'.8 field of view on the KPNO 4m Mayall telescope.

We observed two dithered pointings (HDFN-SW and HDFN-NE), with the field rotated to match the nominal position angle of the SIRTF GOODS field. The FLAMINGOS fields were separated by roughly 6 arcmin, with 4 arcmin overlap strip between them. The exposure time for this Ks image is approximately 130 minutes per position (doubled in the overlap region). Seeing on UT 10 Feb 2001 was mediocre, roughly 1".5 FWHM. 25 (NE field) to 46 (SW field) minutes of additional exposure in Ks were obtained in much better (< 1") seeing on UT 12 Feb 2001, along with 66 minutes per position in H. We also obtained 60 (NE) to 48 (SW) minutes exposure in J (seeing roughly 1".2) on UT 11 Feb 2001.

North is up and east is left. Can you find the WFPC2 HDF field buried in here?