The contributions to this Joint Discussion will be published in a special series of IAU publications, Highlights of Astronomy Vol. 14., editor-in-chief: Karel A. van der Hucht, publisher: Cambridge University Press (CUP, UK).

In the contract between the IAU and CUP, it is stipulated that the Proceedings of IAU meetings will be published within six months after the event. Since CUP needs three months for its processing of a complete Proceedings manuscript, the EDITORS and the GENERAL SECRETARY have the first three months after the Joint Discussions and Special Sessions to complete their editing task. This requires that all AUTHORS have to deliver their completed manuscript(s) to the CHIEF EDITOR Claus Leitherer of the relevant Joint Discussion and Special Session, before or during GA-2006. Authors who wish to make revisions can submit a revised version of their manuscript to their CHIEF EDITOR Claus Leitherer within four weeks after GA-2006.


The editor-in-chief allocated a total of 20 pages to our joint discussion. This imposes rather tight page limits on individual contributions: oral presentations are limited to one page, and poster contributions will only be listed by title and authors.

All authors are urged to obtain the necessary information, including templates and style files from the ftp directory set up for these proceedings.