Scientific Program


This Joint Discussion will be held over a full day on August 16, 2006 and will consist of invited talks, as well as oral and poster contributions. The format of the meeting will allow for plenty of opportunities for discussion and interactions between the participants. We expect about 100 participants.




09:00 09:10 Claus Leitherer Welcome and Overview
09:10 09:35 Tony Moffat Keplerian Masses for the Most Massive Stars
09:35 10:00 Alceste Bonanos Massive Extragalactic Eclipsing Binaries
10:00 10:15 Goetz Graefener The Masses of Late-Type WN Stars
10:15 10:30 Onno Pols Inflation of Luminous Metal-Rich WR Stars
11:00 11:25 Artemio Herrero Spectroscopic versus Evolutionary Masses
11:25 11:50 Stan Owocki Mass Loss and the Eddington Limit
11:50 12:05 Ted Gull The Ejecta of h Car
12:05 12:20 Schuyler Van Dyk Extragalactic h Car Analogs
12:20 12:30 Participants Short Presentations
02:00 02:25 Sally Oey Upper Mass Limit in Young Star Clusters
02:25 02:40 Fabrice Martins Massive Stars in the Central pc of the Galaxy
02:40 03:05 Pavel Kroupa High-Mass IMF in Different Environments
03:05 03:30 Georges Meynet Stellar Evolution with Rotation
04:00 04:15 Lev Yungelson Evolutionary Models for Supermassive Stars
04:15 04:40 Daniel Schaerer Properties of Massive Metal-Free Stars
04:40 05:30 Participants General Discussion


 The SOC encourages everybody interested in this Joint Discussion to contact us with suggestions and questions.