Recent Publications from the Starburst and Galaxy Evolution Group

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Papers published in 2002:

  • Global far-ultraviolet (912 - 1800 A) properties of star-forming galaxies
    Leitherer, C., Li, I.-H., Calzetti, D., & Heckman, T. M.
    ApJS, in press (2002)

  • Starburst galaxies observed with the Hubble Space Telescope
    Leitherer, C.
    in A Decade of HST Observations, ed. M. Livio, K. S. Noll, & M. Stiavelli (Cambridge: CUP), in press

  • Star formation in starbursts and active galactic nuclei
    Leitherer, C.
    in The Central kpc of Starbursts and AGN, ed. J. H. Knapen, J. E. Beckman, I. Shlosman, & T. J. Mahoney (San Francisco: ASP), 457 (2002)