Recent Publications from the Starburst and Galaxy Evolution Group

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Papers published in 2000:

  • HST observations of He2-10: outflows and young superstar clusters
    Johnson, K. E., Leitherer, C., Vacca, W. D., & Conti, P. S.
    AJ, 120, 1273 (2000)

  • Transformations between the theoretical and observational planes in the HST NICMOS and WFPC2 photometric systems
    Origlia, L., & Leitherer, C.
    AJ, 119, 2018 (2000)

  • The low end of the IMF in LMC clusters. I. The case of R136
    Sirianni, M., Nota, A., Leitherer, C., De Marchi, G., & Clampin, M.
    ApJ, 533, 203 (2000)

  • B stars as a diagnostic of star formation at low and high redshift
    de Mello, D. F., Leitherer, C., & Heckman, T. M.
    ApJ, 530, 251 (2000)

  • Photon and metal production in starburst galaxies
    Leitherer, C.
    in Building the Galaxies: From the Primordial Universe to the Present, ed. F. Hammer, T. X. Thuan, V. Cayatte, B. Guiderdoni, & J. T. T. Van (Singapore: World Scientific), 71 (2000)

  • Star formation in starburst galaxies
    Leitherer, C.
    in Star Formation From the Small From the Small to the Large Scale, ed. F. Favata, A. A. Kaas, & A. Wilson (Noordwijk: ESA), 37 (2000)